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There may be different levels of safety culture (Stiles et al.,  2018b ) and variable application of safety processes within pockets of the PDO (Stiles et al.,  2012 ). Companies employing fewer than 100 people have a tendency for higher accident rates, indicative of poor safety performance (Fairman & Yapp,  2005 ; Pinder et al.,  2016 ; Vickers et al.,  2003 ). Similarly, construction industry studies by the UK Health and Safety Executive showed that companies within this sector employing fewer than 400 people have significantly poorer safety performance than larger organizations (HSE,  2011 ). Projects and priorities change during their execution, with contractors leaving and joining, hampering clear management and communication of safety. Where there is a lack of commitment from the supply chain it is very difficult for the principal contractor to implement effective interventions due to the mixed messages received by the workforce regarding priorities (Briscoe & Dainty,  2005 ; Briscoe et al.,  2001 ). It is therefore a relevant question as to whether the influencing factors for general safety within the PDO will also have a bearing on the implementation of COVID‐guidance. One significant factor in the delivery of safety in general is leadership (Flin & Yule,  2004 ; Zohar,  2002 ; Zohar & Luria,  2003 ). Since COVID‐19 there has needed to be a rapid and wholesale change of construction site safety, health, and hygiene, relying on leaders to give clear direction and resources, as well as ensuring that the controls necessary to be COVID secure are in place across all construction sites. Effective safety performance is influenced from senior management where leaders should examine their own behaviors to become more effective leaders in safety. It is recognized that leadership drives culture, which in turn influences behavior (Zohar & Luria,  2003 ). However, the construction industry recognizes the lack of leadership across the sector (CIOB,  2008 ). Safety leadership is needed both in terms of senior management by driving safety and their visible commitment to safety (Marsh et al.,  1998 ; Thompson et al.,  1998 ), but also by front‐line supervisors, who demonstrate commitment by ensuring the workforce are involved in safety decision making, and prioritizing safety above production (Andriessen,  1978 ; Farrington‐Darby et al.,  2005 ). The implications of the PDO and leadership blog link intersect with leadership responsibilities often unclear between the different organizations within the PDO (Arditi & Chotibhongs,  2005 ). While the principal contractor has the primary responsibility for co‐ordination of site safety, the employer also has statutory duties for their employees. Differences in safety culture and safety practice across the PDO may inhibit how safety leadership from the principal contractor influences the supply chain (Stiles et al.,  2018a ,  2018b ). It is important to consider the mechanisms of transmission of COVID‐19. Transmission is primarily airborne as droplets from person to person through face to face contact (e.g., coughing) (Fennelly,  2020 ; Setti et al.,  2020 ), though recent evidence also indicates that the virus may be suspended in the air as aerosols for appreciable periods of time (Domingo et al.,  2020 ). Carriers may be symptomatic or asymptomatic (Kenyon,  2020 ) and transmission is significantly greater in enclosed spaces. There is also a potential risk of spread of the virus through fomites (Stephens et al.,  2019 ) on contact surfaces, with contamination by falling droplets or hand contact from a carrier. The virus can remain viable for different lengths of time, up to several days, depending on the surface material (Suman et al.,  2020 ).

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